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        ABOUT US

        "Shandong Sinomega Innovative Materials Co., Ltd "

        Shandong Sinomega Innovative Materials Co., Ltd is professional in innovative construction materials. Sinomega factory has introduced German production techniques and produced ALC/AAC panels and blocks for the walls, roof and floor. We have 8-year professional experience of development and application in the construction field, such as wall materials, steel-structure buildings. We can supply all-around and one stop service from fabrication designing to building operations. 
        The main products are: ALC/AAC (Autoclaved Lightweight/Aerated Concrete) panels, AAC blocks with function of thermal insulation, AAC accurate blocks. Mortars are produced by German M-TEC Machinery & production techniques. The factory occupies 180,000 square meters and has 2 production lines. The annual production amounts are: 400,000 cubic meters of panels and  600,000 cubic meters of AAC blocks. Our products sell well not only in China, but also in Australia, New Zealand, Korea, Southeast Asia, Africa, Middle East, etc. 
        If you needed building materials and request for fabrication of the materials, please feel free to contact us! We will provide the best service! We sincerely welcome customers to visit our factory! 



        Autoclaved Aerated Concrete panels/blocks are one-fifth of the weight of concrete and are produced in easily handled sizes. (Dry density grade is 525KG/m3)


        Using AAC panels can shorten the construction period in half because of its lightweight and easy workability. In most cases the need for supplementary insulation can be avoided.

        Sound insulation

        Sound insulation for Autoclaved Aerated Concrete panels of 100mm is 40.8db, while 150mm is 45.6db. There are a lot of separate crystal-shaped blowholes in the panel, so the panel has the features of sound insulation and acoustic absorption.

        Fireproofing (4 hours)

        The fire-resistant time for AAC panels of 100mm is 3.42hours while 120mm is 4 hours. The original materials of AAC panels is totally inorganic and is incombustible, and will not volatilize noxious gas even under the high temperature. The product is especially suited for fire-rated applications.

        Environmental protection

        The Autoclaved Aerated Concrete is designed for consumers who are environmentally conscious. It helps reduce at least 30% of environmental waste, decrease over 50% of greenhouse radiation and over 60% integrated energy on the surface of brick.


        The Autoclaved Aerated Concrete product’s lightweight and easy workability means it is very quick to install on site, and the construction period will be shortened in half.


        Design Calculation
        6 Disigners will serve your need
        24 hours will supply the  project budget
        1 factory produce AAC /ALC panels
        1 factory supply steel structure
        1 factory make the house
        2 service teams
        for overseas projects

        Engineering department has finished over 90 projects overseas.



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        CONTACT US

        If you have any inquiry, please feel free to contact us.

        Our team will answer you within 24 hours.


        Office Address: Room 702, Tower A, No.20, Zhuzhou Road, Qingdao, China
        Factory Address: Gangjian Industrial Park, West OfLinyi South Road, Rizhao, Shandong, China
        Tel: 0086-532-80996919
        Fax: 0086-532-86685365
        E-mail: sales@yuandachn.com
        Site: www.boyvc.com     Whatspp:+8613791994562 ?